HABU哈布手工--借用《yesterday oncemore昨日重现》这首歌给这系列插画命名。人生意义究竟在哪里?事事种种我已不想太多琢磨,我们心无旁骛的往前,不曾想身后流离种种,哪怕绚烂。如果小女孩可以回眸转身,我希望看到的是没有睁开的安详的眼。When I was yong,I'd listen to the radio,Waiting for my favorite songs.When they played I'd sing along,It made me smile.Those were such happy times,And not so long ago.How I wondered where they'd gone.But they're back again,Just like a long lost friend. All the songs I love so well.

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